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 Testimonials from happy families

The following letter was sent to me by Shadow's new family (Shadow was the orange-collar female whelped on 26 May, 2013):

"Hi Suli!

I hope this message finds you and your "brood" doing well.

In the meantime, here is my long since tardy testimonial:

On a particularly warm and sunny summer day in St. Paul, I nearly bumped into someone as I exited a store.  While putting my purchased items in my car, I looked over and saw that the person I almost bumped had a German Shepherd puppy in her arms.  Having had two shepherds, Champy and Ranger, during my married life, I went over to get my dog "fix."  That's when I met Suli and her 10 week-old puppy "Ruffi."

It should be understood here that my wife Susan and I had made a pact after our last shepherd died at age 12, that that was to be our last dog.  It was going to be our last because their deaths hurt us and our daughter Lauren deeply.

Well, Suli gave me her card and explained that she was/is a breeder of German Shepherds.  I went home to find that Susan had just arrived.  I told her about the cutest German Shepard puppy I'd ever seen.  We went back to Woody's pet food "deli" to see if Suli was still there.  I had no agenda other than for her to see this beautiful dog.

Susan quickly fell in love and of course so did I.  We took a day to think it over and the next day we traveled to Menomonie Wisc to pick up Ruffi who's name we changed to Shadow.

While there, we saw how much loving care is given to these extraordinary animals.  Suli actually has a bed right next to the puppies whelping area to see to their needs 24 hours daily.

As new owners to Shadow, we were questioned and then signed papers agreeing to give her the best care and the best (all meat) diet available.

Mostly though, we were struck by the love and respect on display for these very unique dogs, which was quite obviously returned by the dogs themselves.

German Shepard dogs are truly "a breed apart."

As breeders of our favorite dogs, Brandenburg German Shepherds truly are the same!

David Beecham
St. Paul, Mn"




 It is time for a long overdue testimonial for you.  

Our oldest son expressed interest in a German Shepherd after seeing trained dogs at his school.  He followed a rescue site for a long time where I happened to see a discussion about raw food for dogs.  This led me to a lot of reading and finally discovering your site.  I did not have any experience with dogs and had never considered having one, but our son's desire and your help finally led to our having Jack.  

Our start with Jack was a 1000 mile drive home in our camper.  He was a great little companion and had only one accident near the door on the drive home.  There was one more accident when we first let him in the house, but that was extent of our worries over house training him.

From the beginning on he has been just as you said he would be - calm and willing.   I distinctly remember you saying that he would be there ready to go when we want to go and that he would be near our side when we are quiet.  I really questioned how you could say this, but it has turned out to be very much the case.  He loves to go for walks and runs, but he will sit near for hours when we are doing home projects.  

We received many compliments as we took him around as a puppy and of course everyone commented on his perky expressive ears - still one of my favorite things about him.  While he was an absolutely adorable puppy, I love him even more as he has matured.   

Jack entered our family at a time when we were in transition - selling a house, moving, "camping" on our new property, building a shop, and this summer, a house.  We had very little that was "stable" for him, but he easily adapted to every new circumstance, as our steady companion.  With four boys and now various cows, pigs, and chickens, we have not taken time to "train" Jack, but he is a good citizen of our family, does what we ask of him, and never causes any trouble in the house.  He's never chewed on anything and doesn't bother the garbage.  If he is occasionally tempted by a morsel hanging over the edge, a quick "uh uh" sends him on to other things.  

His one vice is a love for chasing chickens and that not always ending well.  He is fine when we are with him, but when he is alone, then it's all a little too tempting.  I'm sure he could be taught otherwise, but instead we installed a fence.  

You cautioned us about not over exerting Jack in his first year, but that is something you will have to take up with Jack.  He is quick, nimble, and always game for a walk.  He runs and runs and never refuses on opportunity for more.  I am amazed how he bounds through chest high snow or jumps over logs in the woods.

We are very grateful for all of your patience when I was new to dogs and asking many questions.  Jack has become a well loved member of our family and he is always happy!



Dear Suli,

Louis, formerly known as No Collar, turned 1 year old this week, and Jack and I can't thank you enough for bringing him into this world.  He is so good looking that we get stopped on a regular basis so that people can ask about him and pet him.  And that's just his outside!  They also comment on how calm he is for a year-old pup and want to know what we've done to accomplish that.  The answer, of course, is nothing - he has been that way from the beginning.  He has the sweetest nature - very loving and playful.  Makes us laugh all the time.  He is beautiful to watch when he runs, and, like his mother, can jump straight up in the the air.  And when he leaps over things, he tucks his feet up under him like those show horses, light as air.  Best of all, he is a great companion.  "Velcro" is a good description for your dogs, Suli.  Louis loves to be busy, but would rather be busy nearby.  He sticks!  We can't get enough of him.  
Many thanks,