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Welcome to Our Current Puppies page!

We do not have puppies available at this time. Please see the "Planned Litters" page on this site for more details.


Bianka and her litter of 2016:

Below, are Bianka's puppies at just 3 days old:

More puppy photos:

Here's a video of the pups at 3 days of age:

Video of pups at 7 days of age:

Puppies at one week old:

Puppies at two weeks of age:

In the video below, Bianka is distracted momentarily from her duties by a fly landing in her pups' pool:

Tulip, below, was too tired to be bothered to move after picking her up from her nap to take photos:

Below, are the puppies at 3 weeks of age and meeting their father, Superman:

Below, are the pups at 3 weeks of age:

Below, are the pups at 4 weeks of age:

Thor was too cute as he slept, resting on a foot :

Below, are the puppies at 5 weeks of age:

The following photos are of the pups at 6 weeks of age:

This is Indi after having a spoonful of raw honey. Notice the honey on her lower lip.

Next is Tulip, she's hoping for another spoonful of honey.

Below, are a few sundry photos of the puppies at 5 and 6 weeks of age, and the other dogs (more to follow soon):

Below, are the pups at 7 weeks of age. More photos will be added soon: