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Generally, when pups are expected, we post the expected due date of the litter on the "Planned Litters" page. Then, when a family contacts us in regard to reserving a puppy, the family will send a down payment to us, and we will put that family on the waiting list for that litter.


More detailed information follows:




How to adopt your puppy:


1. First, download and review the Puppy Placement Questionnaire, then fill it out: Click here for a link to our Puppy Placement Questionnaire.


2. Then, if more than one litter is available, contact us and tell us from which litter you wish to choose your puppy. We will then email to you, or send via post, a Puppy Purchase Contract. You may also print out our contract yourself by clicking on the following link for a PDF copy:  Click here for a link to the Puppy Purchase Contract.


3. Then, send us a check or money order for the down-payment of $375*, along with the filled-out Puppy Placement Questionnaire, and the Puppy Purchase Contract. We will then reserve a puppy for you. You will be put on our waiting list for that litter. All names are listed in order of down-payments received. All information about the pups will be kept updated on our site, so keep checking our site regularly.


4. When the litter is whelped, photos will be posted of the pups on a weekly basis, so you can see how they grow. All puppies will be wearing colored collars, so you can identify them easily. Any videos of the pups will be posted with the photos, on the "Our Current Puppies" page.


5. When the puppies are 8-10 weeks old, they will be ready to go to their new homes. We like to keep the pups with their litter mates and mother as long as possible for the most educational benefit to the pup. We do not ship puppies. However, for a modest fee, we can make arrangements to have them brought to you if you are within the five-state area, or a meeting can be scheduled to meet you part of the way anywhere else.


6. Puppies may not leave the property until at least 80% of the full payment has been received, and all checks have cleared.


*Non-refundable if you decide not to adopt a puppy; however, your down-payment may be transferred to another litter, if a puppy is unavailable due to non-pregnancy. If no puppy is available within 15 months from date of deposit, we will refund the down-payment.

Puppy prices:


Females and Males: $2500

(Less deposit of $375). 


Pups sold above the age of 4 months will be $400 above the adoption price. These pups will be house-trained and have light obedience training.


All puppies are sold with AKC "Limited" registration, unless otherwise arranged.

Brandenburg German Shepherds reserves the right to first-pick puppy of any litter.

On occasion, puppies will be adopted into families who wish to become part of our “BGS Puppy Program". This is a co-breeding program for any family who wishes to assist Brandenburg German Shepherds in its goal towards improvement of our German Shepherd as a breed. We are always looking for responsible families to add to our breeding program. Contact us if you have interest in this program.

While some may believe that our puppy prices are “high”, many breeders charge more, claiming that genetic testing makes this necessary. BGS does not agree with passing on unnecessary expenses to future families of our pups. Why? Because the relationship of diet to health--and its significance in gene expression--is incontrovertible. Massive amounts of data have proven this over the years. Our breeding program only allows for very strict breeding and rearing protocols to be followed. Therefore, we see no need for OFA-certifying our dogs, nor do we see a need for vaccinating them for the same reasons outlined above.

What does OFA testing (and other genetic tests) do for your puppy and you?

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) testing does not guarantee that your dog will be free of hip or elbow dysplasia. These genetic tests only tell you that your puppy/dog may be less likely to develop such conditions in future. Again, we must stress the importance of diet here. It has been proven that even dogs with dysplastic hips that produce a litter—and no one should knowingly consider doing this—with proper supplementation of the pups’ mother before gestation, following with the pups’ supplementation to maturity, the litter is unlikely to develop this terrible affliction in the puppies’ lifetimes. This applies also to elbow dysplasia and any other health affliction. Genetic testing to “assure” against hip or elbow dysplasia in your dog can be compared to getting your child genetically tested to “assure” you that your child will not develop heart disease or cancer as an adult—without any consideration for, or understanding of, the role of diet and long-term health. We cannot stress more, the important relationship between diet and health. 

Many breeders do not take the care and vigilance we do to prepare all our dogs for breeding and companionship. They will charge more for lower-quality animals, which ultimately reflects on the breed as a whole. Our dogs’ mental and physical health are fully guaranteed, and we support the new families for the long life of their new companions. 

We keep very strict and careful records on all our dogs. Utmost care is taken to prevent any health issues common to this superior breed simply by breeding only those dogs that pass the strict standards we have established over years of research and practice into the relationship between diet and health. None will find a more health-conscious breeder than we, at Brandenburg German Shepherds. We are always happy to discuss anything about the health of our dogs and how we keep them that way!