Brandenburg German Shepherds

Home of the straight-back "velcro" dogs

Below, are some of the comments we get from people who see our dogs and puppies from time to time:

"I'm impressed...such a well-behaved puppy!"


"Just gorgeous!"


"Are they always this calm?"


A woman came into the pet food store where we were visiting, saw our two pups resting on the couch and said, "This is the cutest thing I've seen all day!"

"I could pet them all day!" From a woman who stopped to pet them and noticed their very soft, healthy coats.


"So much can I go?" A very kind woman, and her equally kind mother, stopped to visit with our pups at Woody's Pet Food Deli--where we purchase our dogs' food. She sat down on the floor with 4 puppies peacefully resting beside her. Then, after petting and admiring the pups for about half an hour, she exclaimed, "Now I know where I'm getting my next puppy".

"Are they tired?" This is one of the most common questions we get about our pups, as they lie quietly, observing their surroundings, or taking a nap. They have energy when needed, and are alert as necessary, but they will just as easily take a nap when nothing else is on the agenda.

"Stunning!" Exclaimed a woman who is a chiropractor. She admired the two pups as they lay on the couch, sleeping peacefully.


While visiting our vet one day with Super, she said, "He's nearly the most gorgeous dog I've ever seen."


The same vet as above, also couldn't believe how calm our dogs were during their visit with her. She told us it was very uncommon to see such composed dogs at a vet clinic.


We just keep getting comments everywhere we go, about our dogs' obvious calmness and ease of handling in various situations.