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Puppy Dreams

Posted on June 12, 2016 at 11:10 PM


“Puppy Dreams”

Day 23

The puppies are quickly becoming more active, more reliable in responding to me and looking at me when I approach the pool. I like how they react to my presence now, and often will come to me when I lean down to talk to them and play with them a while.

It is almost time to start taking them outside, and also to start getting ready for their weaning time, which will likely be after next week, if Bianka is consistent. She has already begun to decrease her feeding times, so much so that I have to tell her to go and feed her pups some of the time. The pups don’t seem to be affected too much by her lack of desire to nurse as often.

The last litter was weaned at 3.5 weeks of age because Anki decided that they were ready. The meat was a supplemental addition to the milk they were still getting from Anki, so they were not negatively affected by the change.

As they grow, they appear very large at this time for 3 week old pups, especially Tulip. Two of the puppies, Tria and Izzi, have some wavy hair on their necks. I suspect they will have a plush coat with some form of slight waviness mixed in, though not as short as Superman’s and not long like Anki’s. Their coats will be more dense, like thick velvet. Marco, their grandfather, had such a coat.

Tonight, I was playing with Tria, Thor and Tulip as they each came by to visit with me while I was leaning into their pool, attempting to get their attention on me. My right elbow was propped on the floor of the pool while I was playing with Tria. She was attacking my hand as I wiggled my fingers before her in an attempt to get her to come towards them. I don’t move too fast so she can “catch” the movement easily.

She looked at my hand, lifted her left foot and tried to swipe my hand with it, then lunged towards my hand and let out a little excited yelp as she “caught” my hand with her paws. I let her stand over my hand before she licked it, then changed her mind and decided to taste it with her teeth, too.

While that was going on, Thor sneaked into the area just in front of me, and under my head and neck where I was leaning into the pool. My arm was still lying across the floor, as I propped myself onto my elbow. Thor walked over and suddenly plopped his little body right between the wall of the pool and my arm and lowered his head to rest on my arm. There, he quietly went to sleep, letting out a little breath of satisfaction as he did so.

Tria had walked away, looking for just the right spot to lay her body down for a much-needed nap after such vigorous exercise with me and my hand. Tulip had been watching a little while we played, then couldn’t stay awake any longer and went to sleep where she was. Tulip almost managed to climb out of the pool today. She had her front paws on the lip of the pool. I stopped her and she didn’t try again. She was attempting to come closer to me.

This kind of activity is what makes all this effort worthwhile. When I see how responsive and alert these young animals are right now, the coming weeks will prove even more so. Their blue eyes will have changed to either a light-brown color—the females tend to get them more often-or the darker-colored eyes, which the males have a tendency towards acquiring.

Nevertheless, to whatever the eye color transforms, what really matters is what that mind can do, or wants to do. Discovering each puppy’s disposition is like a treasure hunt that never leaves me empty-handed. There is always more to discover, and ultimately, more to learn about these creatures from whom I have learned so much already.

As they now sleep, twitching happily and flexing their stubby little limbs and paws, or rolling from one side to the other, I wonder what kinds of dreams are theirs.


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