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The Day After

Posted on June 11, 2016 at 10:30 PM


”The Day After”

Day 22

Last night all cooled off enough to be comfortable for the night. Tomorrow, the AC gets installed and the pups will be happier while they’re in the house. After that, they will be moved to the kennel and that will be their, and my, new sleeping area. That’s when their house-training lessons begin, too.

Watching and interacting with these puppies is extremely enjoyable. Day by day their personalities come to the surface, and prove that my efforts are very much worth it.

When Anki goes to feed her brood, I watch how the puppies navigate their way towards their mother. I see how each one pushes hard to get to “his/her” nipple and fights really hard to stay there. They lock on to the “milk bar” until sated.

Izzi and Tria take turns growling when playing. Yesterday, as I wiped Tria down with a cold cloth to help her cool down a little, she let out a long growl that made me laugh because it sounded mildly vicious, yet so puppy-like at the same time. She was holding very still while I wiped her off. Perhaps she didn’t like my wiping her coat the wrong way. She will learn to tolerate many things as she gets older—from me, and her siblings.

Tulip is no longer the heaviest of the bunch at 2.16 kilograms. Her big sister, Tria, has surpassed Tulip’s weight today at 2.17 kilograms. Tulip is still the largest of the pups, just not the heaviest. She is supremely friendly when I pick her up, at which point she licks my face immediately as she relaxes in my arms. She can be very lazy and just ignore the others who step all over and on top of her while she is asleep, too, but she is also very playful when wide awake.

I call Izzi, “busy Izzi” because she likes to be active by licking my face, or flexing her paws while I hold her, or just yawn and talk to me in little grunts. When I lay her back down in the pool, she will roll onto her back and paddle with her front legs, her mouth open as if she were smiling.

Indi is thoughtful and less active than Izzi, but not less friendly. She is more contemplative about what’s going on around her, and when she has assessed the situation, she will make her move. She does talk a lot and really likes to come visit me when I lean over and inside the pool to talk to the pups.

Indi and Tria fell asleep under my arms, preferring to be there than out and about, even though it was very warm for them there. Indi had been crying and felt uncomfortable in the heat before we had the AC connected. She and Tria snuggled into my curved arms and lay there, Tria with her head resting on my lower arm, while Indi lay with front legs propped up a little under the my neck, asleep. I did not move for a few moments, waiting for them to be completely asleep before moving my arms away. I knew they would not move if I slowly removed my arms from around and under them, but I had to wait to make sure they were fully asleep. It never takes long for that to happen once they go down.

As stated earlier, Thor is more thoughtful and likes to observe before making any decisions about what to do next, but when he decides, there is nothing to stop him. Sometimes, he will lunge forward with such great enthusiasm to get to his next “victim”, that he loses his balance and falls over instead! A clumsy lot they are, but super fun.

These puppies, like all my dogs, like to be spoken to and try to understand. There is no doubt in my mind that these pups are superior German Shepherd puppies and have the capacity to tolerate, acclimate, understand and improve on their abilities and lessons. Their sensitivity to those closest to them is unfailing.

As the weeks seem to fly by, and my puppies grow ever bigger and stronger and more fun to teach, I think about what each one will be like when mature. I know they will be much like their parents, but a lot of influence comes also from the new family. My puppies will have had an excellent start in life to be able to thrive in his/her new world with confidence, and ability.

Below,  is a photo of Tulip; today's photo at 3 weeks of age:


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