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"Good Puppies" Day 20

Posted on June 9, 2016 at 7:25 PM


“Good Puppies” 

Day 20

With their moths wide open the pups are now attacking each other, tails wagging and then falling over from the effort they put into their little lunges for their litter-mates. It is funny to see them look so “vicious” and hear the little growls that only promote my own desire to join in the fun. What I do instead, is to video-record them so that I can later enjoy their antics anytime, and share them with others.

The pups are quieter at night, allowing me to have a little more sleep, being fed often by Bianka, who is the most attentive of mothers. She is persistent in her pursuit of cleanliness for her pups. As she watches vigilantly to make sure none of her pups’ bottoms get left behind, none escapes her acute sense of smell to tell her when her pups need to relieve themselves.

When she goes outside to do her business and take a break from her pups a while and go exploring and stretch her legs, her return is very business-like as she immediately goes to the pool and inspects from the outside first, the whole group for any abnormalities—and maybe she’s counting them, too?--then climbs into the pool to sniff each little head and body to make certain all is well. When she’s satisfied all is as it should be, she may lie down to feed her brood, or she may just climb out again to relax on the floor beside the pool. That, to the extreme shock of her pups, becomes very exciting when she has awakened them with one sniff from her nose on their bodies, only to exit the pool and leave them screaming with disappointment for not delivering their meals.

What then? Well, sometimes she goes back inside the pool, others she just ignores them and lies down to go to sleep. What a mother. So calm and cool about dismissing the “pained” screams from her troop, only to lie down and go to sleep amidst their cries for mercy on their empty bellies! She knows best, after all. I wonder often what goes through her mind when she pointedly dismisses the pups’ screams and stands looking in on them as they struggle to get her attention. None of the pups is thin, in fact, all have a little bit of a belly—except Thor, who seems to prefer being leaner, but not thin. She does feed her charges very well.

The daily weigh-in proves that the pups are eating well and increasing in weight every day. They are growing quickly. They are also becoming erudite little bundles early in their lives by being exposed to nothing but Baroque music from some very old musical masters such as Vivaldi, Bach, Corelli, Telemann, Handel and others, from the day they arrived here. Their sleep is saturated with notes written in a  long-ago past.

By the time of this writing, all the pups have reached the point where they all weigh over four pounds. They are heavy and strong, shiny, soft, happy, thriving every day and showing me that what I am doing, is good for them.






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