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Puppies, Day 18

Posted on June 7, 2016 at 11:45 PM


"Wagging Tails and More"

Today, I was licked by Tulip, and she managed to mouth my fingers while kicking me with her back legs. Thor walked over to me, looked me in the eyes as he stopped to contemplate whether he should keep coming closer or retreat. I'd been leaning over the pups' pool and talking to Izzi while she was happily rolling from one side to the other, as if she were enjoying biting my fingers with her soon-to-be-filled-with-teeth, mouth. I could feel her tiny teeth starting to poke my fingers slightly. Thor came over and licked my face. His eyes full of curiosity.

How funny it is that these little animals can become so quickly reactive to outside stimuli in such a short time. I say that because last night marked the day that I saw Tulip's tail wagging as she approached her brother and managed to put her mouth on his leg. He reciprocated, and it was very entertaining to watch these clumsy little furballs topple every now and then from too much effort or being bumped by a sibling.

While playing with Tria earlier, Indi came to inspect our efforts and I accidentally bumped the side of her face with my finger, and she fell over, off balance. She made it look as if she had done it on purpose, and lay there for a few seconds--pretending to have planned the whole thing.

Tulip made her rounds around the pool, slowly, and after several stops to take a break from the work. She ended up almost all the way around, on top of her mother's back end, where her comfort, warmth and sleep was secured for the moment.

Bianka takes great pains to "count" her pups and sniff each one when she enters the pool to inspect them. What a good mother she is.

Next week will bring more puppy antics to life, and a glimpse into each pup's deveoping personality. I can't wait.

Below, a display of puppies resting after a milk-meal:

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