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More Playful--Day 14

Posted on June 3, 2016 at 8:45 PM


More Playful

Day 14

Every day the five pups get to get out of their pool enclosure to be carried around a little and become accustomed to handling and different areas of the house, while still in my arms. They all relax and even become limp as I carry them around, supporting their legs and big bellies. They grunt on ocassion and sometimes they whine, too, but that's not so often.

Tulip likes to "play", if that''s what I can call it. She will roll from one side to the other--in the pool enclosure--while I rub her belly and her back. Almost like a horse that is enjoying the scratching of his hide on a certain itchy spot, Tulip will mouth my arm, sleeve or finger, whatever is most conveniently located near her mouth as she gets rubbed.

Indi is finding it less unpleasant to be picked up as the days pass. Today, she relaxed in my hands as I carried her around, the other dogs curious about her, but watching me carefully as I walked around them with my little passenger. As she gets older, her feeling or discomfort regarding the initial handling will subside. She will come to look forward to being held.

Thor and Indi got some personal attention from Anki today as I took them out of the enclosure to lie on the floor and nurse alone. They liked that.

Izzi and Tria are becoming more playful, too, and lying on their backs while I rub their little bellies. They like that, and mouth my finger as they enjoy the tummy rub.

Last weekend, when I weighed the pups, Izzi was asleep when I picked her up and placed her onto the scale to weigh her. She didn't even move, so I took a photo of her unbothered sleep on the scale:

Tulip was also asleep when I weighed her not long ago, and she didn't even bother to change her postion after being placed onto the scale:

These puppies will be so nice to work with as they get older and more aware of their surroundings and more responsive to people. What fun I will have these next few weeks that I know will fly by more quickly than I might like.

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