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Puppies, Day 13

Posted on June 2, 2016 at 8:00 PM



Puppies, Day 13

While the puppies grow day by day, I watch as they still struggle to get from one location to the next. I can’t help but laugh a little as they try so hard to move about their little world. Today marks the 13th day of their lives outside their mother’s womb.

When I look at them, I see more reaction to outside stimuli, especially from Tulip (white-collar female). Tulip appears to absorb any attention she is given, and reciprocates by licking my face, mouthing my fingers and moving her body in a way that suggests she is enjoying the rubbing of her belly and my voice close to her ears.

Thor (no-collar male) is gaining every day. He is strong as he makes his way where he decides he wants to go. Nothing will stop him. When I pick him up to talk to him and hold him, he decidedly melts into my hands, becoming a limp lump as soon as I lift him. He grunts softly , as if he were purring, like a cat.

Tria (pink collar) likes also to lick my face. She, too, becomes a “lump” in my hands as I hold her up and talk to her near my face. She immediately relaxes and sniffs my face, with intermittent licks.

Izzi (green collar) is much like her younger sibling, Tulip, sniffing me and licking my face when she’s close enough. She, too, is slightly more responsive to me, like her youngest sister, Tulip. She is quick on her “pushing” ability to get herself up off the floor and take one or two steps.

Indi (purple collar)is the only pup who reacts when being picked up by stiffening her body slightly and then after a moment, she apparently realizes it’s not so bad and relaxes in my hands. She is not as active in a playful sort of way like Tulip and Izzi seem to be, but she is just as quiet and accepting as the rest

Their steps become more fluent as they gain strength. They suckle with great enthusiasm and tend to fall asleep at the source of nourishment, having drunk their fill. They are entertaining little creatures, as they roll off Anki’s side after trying to climb up for whatever reason they had, then fall down, rolling off Anki's side--a funny scene--from lack of coordination and strength in their short limbs.

The sounds they emit during sleep are quite the vocal circus. From what I call, “chirrups”, a sudden succession of growling noises, to outright barks, monkey-like grunts, moaning while stretching…and then there’s just silence. The silent parts are far between, for these pups continually move about even as they sleep, their little bodies’ nervous systems developing every moment of the day into what will one day become part of one of the most sensitive, responsive and devoted family members.

Every night I get to fall asleep to my puppies’ vocal sounds. Sometimes they scream from being bothered by Anki’s attempts to keep her pups clean while they’re feasting, and I jump up to check on them, but most of the time I am listening to a lullaby consisting of soft moans coming from little bodies four feet from my bed.

Watching them grow and develop their own unique personalities in such a short time must be one of the most gratifying of “duties” in which to be engaged.

As for the pups’ mother, Anki is one of the most attentive and careful mothers I’ve seen, dog or human. Her good nature and pleasing attitude are the best things to which these pups could be exposed from the start.



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