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Model Citizens

Posted on June 1, 2016 at 7:30 PM


“Model Citizens”

I begin this log at this time because the pups are at the cusp of when they start to exhibit their unique personalities. They are now twelve days old. Their eyes began to open with just thin, little slits, allowing me to see part of the shiny eye behind them. Oh what excitement that brought to mind, as I imagined what was still to come, now that the pups were starting to open their eyes!

They cannot yet see well, but they will become more aware of their surroundings over a short time, through use of ears and eyes. Each of those two senses is very limited for about a week more. But as each puppy matures, he/she will gain more and more input to be filed and stored in their superior little brains.

A couple of days ago, Thor (second pup born), the no-collar puppy and only male in the litter, started using his back legs to support his body. He was the first of the bunch to do so. Thor seemed to lift his body with some effort. Though he was supremely clumsy and toppled over sideways before he could even finish the first step, it was his focused effort for such a young animal that caught my attention. With his little body shaking slightly from lack of muscle strength, he tried to move forward again, carrying his belly rather than dragging it.

It is entertaining to see the pups try to walk, topple over sideways, then settle where they have fallen, as if they had been drained of all fuel to continue. It takes a lot of energy to move those awkward, over-stuffed sausage-like bodies over the pool’s flat, but massive surface.

Thor’s little sister, “Tria”(pink collar and third born), was not far behind him as she learned to be able to sit down and look much like an adult dog when doing so. She would sit down, and seem to calculate her next move, while gathering energy to lift herself up again from the sitting position and be on her way.

Indi, Tria’s little sister (purple collar and fourth puppy born), tried her skills at walking the next day. She was just as clumsy and fell over like a piece of lead in less than a second after trying to move her body over the floor of the pool. In a short time they will all be walking more or less normally and be like miniature bull-dozers. Nothing will stop their getting to the milk depot.

Izzy, the green-collar sister (first to be born) of the bunch, learned to sit, too, with very little effort, and I think they all discovered that it was quite nice to be able to sit and rest rather than lying down all the time. After all, they were already part of the way up; it’s all about saving energy. She followed with one more half-step before losing her strength and balance, only to fall on her side, just as the others had done.

Now, Tulip, the white-collar “tank”, is very strong, too, despite her having a disadvantage weight-wise to her older siblings—she was the last one of her siblings to arrive. As of today’s entry, she weighs 3.3 pounds, or 1.50 Kilograms. A hefty little puppy she is and very strong, too, but not strong enough to carry her belly off the floor for any longer than the others. Yet, she still perseveres in an effort to get herself where she wants to go. She might look like a beached walrus when she plops down on the floor, with her front legs pushed under her belly and towards the back. Resting after a vigorous work-out to attempt to navigate from one end of the pool to the other is no small feat. She gives up after one time of “walking” and resorts to dragging her big body over the floor of the pool most of the time. I don’t blame her. She does have to conserve her energy for growing.

While all the puppies have been handled from the very first day on a daily basis, their ability to calm themselves, or become calm very quickly, became apparent after just 3 days of handling them regularly. At first they would squirm and squiggle and whine as they were held in my hands. I kept on handling and talking to them every day, without fail. When family would visit, the pups were held for several minutes at a time, but they’d also fallen asleep in the arms of family members; it's all part of their education.

With grunts and moans, whimpers and whining, stretches and baby barks, the puppies gain strength and confidence with each passing day. They are destined to become the model citizens for which they were “designed”.

Please check often to read a little about my pups’ adventures with me as they get older and bigger.


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