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Posted on May 5, 2016 at 8:00 PM

With the arrival of the expected litter on the 23rd (approximately) of May, Bianka is wider, and heavier as of this post. We are very excited about this litter, for this litter is the culmination of all our efforts to provide the healthiest, most intelligent, able puppies for your consideration as your next companion and four-legged family member. These pups are our thid-generation, raw-fed and unvaccinated pups. We feel these pups will be akin to Super-puppies, because of the superior health and intelligence built into them from very early on in their lives.

With two weeks left to wait for the puppies' arrival, there is much excitement in our househlold. The little grunt-like sounds emitted by puppies as they nurse, and try to get as much milk from their mother's teats before getting too tired to suck, are one of the most comforting sounds to hear. They are happy, well-nurished and satisfied when they are done. Then sleep takes over for a short time before they once again awaken to begin the cycle of eat-sleep-eat-sleep.

 When hunger fills their minds with one goal, they fill up. After that, some will clumsily make their way towards another part of Bianka's body--sometimes it will be under her tail--where it is equally warm, or they just run out of energy to move, and fall asleep in mid-crawl. They will bunch up at times into little groups, then wake up, whimpering for more food and then in comes Bianka to refill their tummies once more.

When they know mother near, it is quite the scene to observe how these pups just "know" where their food and warmth are. As they stumble and crawl, many times over one another in the process, like little machines with only one goal in mind, they arrive at mother's nipples eager to begin the process of nursing all over again. This happens many times during the day, and because someone is always with the pups and mother during this critical period in their lives, we make video recordings and take numerous photos, because we can never have too many of these little creatures of whom we are exceedingly proud.

In about 12 days the pups' eyes will begin to open; just little slits, but nonetheless, open. They do not see very well, but when their eyes are fully open, the fun begins! Each puppy has his/her own personality, and this will be more apparent as they grow into the mighty little creatures they were destined to become.

The wading pool in which they all arrived at birth, will soon be insufficient to keep them happy, and definately not high enough to keep them from trying to climb out! They will then be moved to a large, wooden whelping box with plenty of space to move about and play while indoors. A cot is set up for me to sleep with them during this time, too. Their house-training will begin as soon as they are moved to this large box. Many times during the day, they will be taken outside, carried often, and introduced to the green grass, sunshine, and freedom to extend their limbs as much as they need; to breathe deeply and lick the morning dew off fresh, green foliage; to romp and play until sleep takes them away from this world and  into the world of dreams. Their lungs will become stronger every day that they play outdoors and learn to use their muslcles, expend energy, test their littermates' tolerance for being "attacked", and enjoy their lives fully while they grow to become some of  the finest German Shepherds in the world.

While raising our pups is not always fun or pleasant, as they are like little furry children and must learn how to live with bi-peds and tolerate certain things from us, it is extremely satisfying to see our pups grow mentally and physically during their short time with us. By the time they reach the tender age of about 9 weeks, they will have experienced enough to be able to handle being taken from their mother to begin a new life with a new family.

Their training never stops, even when they leave us to live a new life with their new families. For them, it becomes more a challenge than a difficulty. They accommodate, learn new things, and thrive. We are always available to our pups' new families for any questions or problems that may arise during these important weeks and months ahead while the puppy grows to maturity. We are there for the life of the puppy and because we mindfully select the families to which our pups will go, we ensure to the best of our abilities that our pups will be cared for in a manner that builds our pups' mental and physical attributes to full capacity.

By the time your pup is mature, which often isn't until about 2-3 years of age, he/she will be able to look forward to a long, healthy life with his/her family.

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