Brandenburg German Shepherds

Home of the straight-back "velcro" dogs

We are a small breeder, with a commitment to all our animals--whatever species they may be--that reaches beyond just selling a puppy. We want our potential puppy buyers to enjoy and care for their new puppy the entire life of that pup; to be committed to their new charge as a family member.


Our devotion to the German Shepherd as a breed, and as a loyal, family companion has endured through many years of being exposed to these superb animals.


Our home has the amenities to allow for the nurturing of each puppy we whelp here. The puppies' mental and physical growth is of utmost importance to us. That is  accomplished by the superior nutrition from gestation onward,  to the on-going education that each pup receives from the time he or she is whelped. We don't wait for 7 weeks before working with the puppies.


We practice a holistic means of raising our pups--also known as "Natural Rearing", or "NR"--which ensures that the pups that leave here for their new homes, are well prepared for new adventures and will acclimate readily to their new environments.


We are adamant about making certain that every new family receives the help and education necessary to provide the best possible home for our pups, before they leave here. It is our obligation to ascertain whether any potential buyer is well suited to undertake the care of one of our pups. It is equally important that the pup in question be matched to the family. As such, we do ask all those who make a down-payment for a pup, to also fill out a Puppy Placement Questionnaire. This process is vital in determining the appropriate placement of each puppy.


Our puppies mature slowly, so when you get your puppy from us, don't worry when he or she seems to be growing slowly. Your puppy is healthy and strong by the time he/she leaves BGS, and we hope that we have helped you gain a good understanding of how to feed and care for your new family member before you pick up your puppy.


As always, we are here to help you with any challenges you may encounter

while raising your new friend to be a model citizen. We welcome questions and concerns about anything you may wish to know about your puppy, so please, do ask!


Marco and Bianka's first litter in May of 2013, has produced some exceedingly superior puppies! They are incredibly sensitive to our needs and wishes. "Simply amazing", is just one of many similar comments often expressed with regard to our puppies' demeanors.


We are very proud of the puppies we so carefully rear to become future family members, and the best guardians of these families. As such, our puppies are backed 100% by our commitment to their future well-being with their new families.

This is what it's all about. The puppy you will bring into your home with you must learn to be in a different environment, around strange people, and dissimilar ways of doing things from what the puppy was exposed to before he or she arrived at your home. 


One must "parent" the puppy, teach him or her YOUR way of doing things. That means, the teacher must be consistent, committed and determined to make the most of communication with his new puppy.