Five factors leading to motor failure

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There are many factors that can cause motor failure. The five most common reasons are listed below. However, if the motor is used and maintained correctly and the environment is properly managed, these problems can be prevented.
1. Overheating
Overheating is the culprit of motor failure. In fact, the other four reasons listed in this article are partly because they generate heat. Theoretically, for every 10 ° C increase in heat, the life of the winding insulation will be halved. Therefore, to ensure that the motor operates at a suitable temperature is a way to extend its life.
2. Improper lubrication is a problem of degree. Excessive or insufficient lubrication can cause harm. In addition, pay attention to the pollution in the lubricant and whether the lubricant used is suitable for the task at hand.
3. Power supply problems
The harmonic current caused by high frequency switch and pulse width modulation may lead to voltage and current distortion, overload and overheating. Thus, the service life of the motor and its components is shortened and the long-term equipment cost is increased. In addition, the surge itself will cause the voltage to be too high and too low. In order to solve this problem, we must pay attention to and check the power supply continuously.
4. Humidity
Moisture itself can erode motor components. When the mixture of moisture and particulate pollutants in the air is fatal to the motor, further shortening the life of the pump.
5. Dust and all kinds of suspended particles in polluted air will enter into the motor and cause various hazards. Corrosive particles may wear components, and conductive particles may interfere with component current. Once the particles block the cooling channel, they will accelerate overheating. Obviously, choosing the right IP protection level can alleviate this problem to some extent.
All of the above problems are interrelated, and it is difficult to solve them completely when dealing with one of them alone. At the same time, these problems have one thing in common: if the motor is used and maintained correctly and the environment is managed properly, these problems can be prevented。