How to judge the fault difference between servo motor and se

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Read the error, alarm number on the drive, and then check the manual. If there is no alarm, it is the fault of the driver. Of course, there may be no fault of the basic servo, but the servo does not act due to the wrong control signal.
In addition to looking at the error and alarm number on the driver, and then looking up the manual, sometimes the most direct judgment method is to replace, such as x-axis and z-axis servo replacement (only if the model is the same). Or modify the parameters. For example, lock the x-axis to prevent the system from detecting the x-axis. However, it should be noted that the x-axis and z-axis are interchangeable. Even if the models are the same, the imported equipment may have problems due to different loads and parameters. Of course, if it is a domestic equipment, usually it will not adjust the servo parameters according to the use situation, and generally there will be no problem. However, attention should be paid to whether the power torque of x-axis and z-axis motors is the same, whether the motor screw is directly connected, and the electronic gear reduction ratio.