Corelink wireless MCU chips xr809 and xr871 have passed alic

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Since its establishment, cizhilian has successively launched WiFi connection chip xr819, low-power wireless MCU chip xr871, WiFi + Bt two in one chip xr829, IOT WiFi chip xr809 and high-performance 32bit MCU xr32f4, of which xr809 and xr871 have passed alicloud lot technology certification.
Alios things is a lightweight Internet of things embedded operating system for the field of IOT, dedicated to building integrated IOT infrastructure in the cloud. Alios things certification provides different chip / sensor products with correctness test verification after integration with Alios things operating system.
The Alios things certification means that xr809 and xr871 are standard, reliable, compatible and secure IOT chips, and customers can quickly develop high-standard products of Alios.
IOT WiFi chip xr809
Xr809 is an IOT WiFi chip launched by union of cores in the field of Internet of things. Based on arm cortex-m4f core and 802.11b/g/n wireless technology, xr809 realizes its advantages of high performance and low power consumption through function expansion.
Main characteristics of xr809:
Vbat 2.7-5.5v, providing power supply capacity of 200mA @ 3.3V
802.11b/g/n, STA / AP / monitor mode support, WEP / WPA / WPA2, WPS support
Interface: UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, ADC, SDIO, IR, etc
Xr809 can bring more convenience to customers:
High performance CPU enables customers to handle more complex applications, such as running related algorithms for edge computing
Rich SRAM can easily connect to alifiyan platform and multiple cloud and end devices at the same time
Built in 16mbit ROM makes data storage more convenient, rich and effective
Integrated power management and can supply power to peripherals greatly simplify product hardware design, reduce design space and BOM cost
Rich interface design enables customers to connect various peripherals in addition to simple switch applications, with rich interfaces and many io. Hardware implementation also simplifies system design to a certain extent and enhances system stability
Xr809 open source address:
Xr809 Alios things address:
Wireless MCU chip xr871
Xr871 chip is a SoC chip based on WiFi technology. Its high integration and low power consumption make it widely used in children's robot, smart home, sensor acquisition, smart audio playback, cloud voice and other aspects.
The main characteristics of xr871 are as follows:
ARM Cortex-M4F 192MHz
2.7-5.5v Vbat, built-in DCDC, LDO
802.11b/g/n, STA / AP / monitor mode support, WEP / WPA / WPA2, WPS support
Interface: UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, ADC, SDIO, IR, I2S, dmic, CSI, etc
Since its release, xr871 has been highly concerned and recognized by the market in the field of children's intelligent robots. On the basis of xr871 voice scheme, union of cores combined with its own MCU xr32 and external DSP also provides single microphone and dual microphone far-field pick-up interrupt wake-up scheme, which brings excellent cost-effective scheme for the upgrading of children's robots and customers of intelligent voice applications.
Based on xr871 and Alios things, customers can easily realize voice extension on Alibaba platform:
Realize control and various voice broadcast functions in Ali intelligent platform to meet the functional requirements of various household appliances
It is easy to connect with tmall Genie and realize applications such as linkpoint, so as to enjoy rich content services while realizing intelligent control
Cost effective single / dual mic interrupt wake-up scheme greatly reduces the cost of smart speakers
Its low power design meets the WiFi connection of battery application