Flex power module releases industry leading isolated DC-DC c

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48V to load direct conversion technology meets the needs of next generation data centers
Smaller, more efficient and cost-effective power systems
Flex power modules position themselves as the driving force in this area

In order to meet the growing demand for higher energy efficiency in data centers and cloud computing infrastructure, flex power modules now offer the generation of direct conversion products. The new bmr481 DC-DC converter is designed for 48-54v nominal power supply, with input range of 40-60v and programmable output of 0.5-1.35v. The "main" module is packaged in 12mm × 27.7mm, which can provide 70A * * * output current, and also integrates a digital interface for monitoring, configuration and control purposes. Then, the main device can have up to five additional "satellite" modules, so the total current rating can reach 420a.
The traditional two-stage intermediate bus converter (IBC) and load point (POL) architecture need to adopt one additional level of conversion, which will take up more space and affect the working performance; the single-stage bmr481 provides an attractive alternative to this. In contrast, this new innovative direct conversion module provides engineers with a more simplified and economical solution. It can achieve 92% efficiency at 53V input and 1V output, which is 2-3% higher than the equivalent design based on IBC. It can also reduce circuit board area by up to 50%. The MTBF of the main module is more than 8.7mh.
Because it can automatically enable and disable the phase / accessory module according to the required load, and has the function of dynamic voltage adjustment, it can provide the connected IC with the power rail of * *, so it can achieve the optimized efficiency. Due to the use of zero voltage / zero current switch, the output ripple and noise are very low, usually 1mvp-p. Load and line regulation is usually maintained at 1mV. At 53V input and 0.5V output, the main module can provide a full output current of 70A when the ambient temperature exceeds 75 ℃, the air flow speed is 0.5m/s, the temperature exceeds 90 ℃, and the air flow speed is only 2m / s. All digital control is realized by pmbus v1.3 interface conforming to pmbus or AVS / SVID. The isolation level is 1500vdc (function).
Olle hellgren, flex power module product management and business development director, commented: "direct conversion technology is critical to stop the rising capital and operating costs of data centers and to achieve increasingly stringent energy efficiency guidelines. This can be achieved by canceling the 12V intermediate level conversion stage, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the use of circuit board space. With the introduction of BMR 481, flex will promote the development of direct conversion technology and demonstrate the great potential of this new power conversion architecture. "
BMR 481 is currently being tested by major customers and can be purchased in OEM quantities by the end of 2018.
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