With the coming of 5g, the era of "everything +"

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At the forum of "digital economy Zhejiang Internet entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference" held at the fourth "World Internet Conference · Wuzhen summit", Tian Suning, chairman of AsiaInfo group, delivered a keynote speech on "everything +". Tian saning believes that with the landing of 5g, the era of "everything plus" will come, and we will be in a world where everything is connected. The ubiquitous perception, network and intelligent system will enable everything to be connected and enabled.



 Tian said that we are in an era of accelerating evolution and innovation. Trade patterns are changing, new forms of enterprises are emerging, and our lives are becoming more and more digital, all of which have a profound relationship with the change of communication protocol and technology. In 1992, when operators finally chose the IP network and abandoned the X.25 protocol, the Internet developed as the greatest innovation in human history, but the technological conditions at that time still limited people's imagination on the development of the Internet.

Today, the global operators establish the Nb IOT standard, just like the IP network became the standard of operators in the mid-1990s, the whole Internet has been in full swing. This will change the concept of "Internet" and realize the interconnection between people, between people and things, between people and information, between people and nature.
We have experienced the traditional Internet era with PC as the main production tool and the mobile Internet era represented by smart phones. Now the Internet is about to usher in a new era - "everything +" era


"In the near future, we will be in a world where everything is connected. Traditional manufacturing, service, construction, medical treatment, agriculture and all walks of life will be reconstructed by" everything + ". The ubiquitous perception, communication and embedded systems enable everything to be connected and enabled, thus forming a highly flexible, humanized and digital production and service mode, which will bring great changes to human production mode and life style. "
In terms of specific forms, "everything +" is a global network based on everything has chips, everything has sensors, everything has data, everything has wisdom and everything is online. People, data and equipment communicate freely, and products, processes and services are closely linked. All walks of life will create an unprecedented way of life and production through "everything +".
Although the smart home industry has risen since 4G, it is only in the primary stage of smart life. 4G is not enough to support the "Internet of everything", and there is still a long way to go from the real "Internet of everything". The 5g high speed, huge capacity and very low time delay will provide the necessary conditions for the interconnection of everything. In the future, it will not only connect the electricity meter, water meter and mobile phone to the network, but also connect the smart city, smart grid, smart grazing / planting, real-time logistics tracking, remote driving, auto driving in the car network, industrial control, etc.
Tian said that "everything +" has realized the connection from things to things, and will give birth to countless opportunities for re innovation. New materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology, implantable technology, 3D driving blockchain, big data, cloud computing and other emerging industries all contain huge business opportunities. At the same time, "everything +" can break the "information island" of vertical industries, connect producers, consumers, distributors, managers and dispatchers, as well as various devices and services, drive everything to cooperate, and derive a new application field and business model.
Data shows that in 2017, there were more than 8.3 billion connected devices in the world. It is predicted that in 2020, the number of Internet of things devices will reach 26 billion, and there are 5.5 million devices connected to the whole network every day. More than half of the new commercial devices and systems will contain IOT components. However, tens of thousands of vulnerability risks and continuous evolution of attack means have led to the further deterioration of the Internet of things operating environment, and the digital control ability of users has gradually lost.
With the exposure of the multi-layer weakness of IOT, smart devices are hijacked, IOT DDoS attacks, extortion software breeding and other security problems will occur blowout, including equipment manufacturers, Internet service providers, network security manufacturers and even government regulators need to explore cooperation mechanisms.
"Security is the most important link in the process of everything's operation, and users' doubts about security must be eliminated," said Tian. Through cloud security, AI technology, machine learning, big data and other emerging technologies, large integration can be formed, providing effective tools for new threat governance, and providing reliable protection for "everything +"